The HUMAN Reset is about resetting my life, making up for lost time and becoming Zuman (AKA Zuperhuman). I will be attempting to complete 12 major goals in 90 days, some of which have evaded me for the past 9 years.

I will be using the life design system that I created over the past year to guide me through the process and provide insights into how I spend my time and the type of return and value I get from it. I will also be documenting the journey and write about success and failures I have along the way.

I'm not going into this project without a plan to succeed, that wouldn’t be very smart and it would simply decrease the odds of me pulling this off. I have a plan of attack for each goal but I want to try something different, I want to see if it's possible to crowdsource success.

So if you have achieved one (or many) of the goals on my list below, please reach out if you can provide any advice (books to read, lessons learned, people to follow) or can connect me to someone that may be able to help me reach these goals. I welcome all helpful information.


SELF - Connection with yourself


  • 10X: Get functionally ripped and ace military fitness tests
    • I am looking to reach a level of physical fitness where I look great, feel great and am able to function at an elite level. I plan to eat clean, get six pack abs and be able to complete certain military physical fitness tests (PETs) with the highest score possible 
  • 2X: Read two books per month and implement applicable lessons
    • When I was first thinking about this goal, I was simply going to read as many books as possible but I realized that the impact would be limited. I am now going to focus on reading two books per month and applying the lesson that have the most impact
  • 2X: Challenge my mind and develop my thinking abilities
    • I am looking to exercise my critical thinking muscles and become better at meditation


PEOPLE - Connection with others


  • 10X: Become a paid public speaker
    • I am looking to get paid to do a speaking engagement and to speak at a high caliber event such as TED or TEDx
  • 10X: Become a best-selling author
    • I am looking to write a book and have it be the #1 best sell on Amazon.
  • 2X: Build powerful relationships with amazing people
    • I am looking to build relationships with people that I would normally see as out of my league


WEALTH - What you were meant to do


  • 10X: Become a successful entrepreneur and start a movement
    • I am looking to launch my first product and have it replace the income I was making in my previous job
  • 2X: Build an audience of superhumans
    • I am looking to create a community of like-minded people that see the value is data driven life design
  • 2X: Be known as top expert in my field
    • I want people to see me as an expert in the area of data driven life design


LIFESTYLE - The way you live your life


  • 10X: Design, live and document a life of STYLE
    • I want to live the kind of lifestyle that is portrayed in GQ magazine
  • 2X: Randomize life and seek out new experiences
    • I want to try new experiences that push me to my limits, make me uncomfortable, and I would unlikely be willing to try before
  • 2X: Develop shock factors
    • Shock factors are things you do that surprise people such as dancing, singing or playing an instrument. I am looking to develop my skill in the dance form of Zouk.


I am looking forward to trying my best to achieve these goals over the next 90 days. I wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t say I'm a little bit scared. Oh Well.