I would like to thank you for your guidance over the past year, it has played a big role in the completion of a project I am very excited about. With your help, I went out and built an algorithm designed to create superhumans!

So what exactly is this algorithm? Its a way to achieve success with the guidance of numbers. Lets get right into the details and start with the most important component of the algorithm, time.

When I decided to take on this project, I realized that by documenting my time, I could potentially gather information that could provide some interesting insights down the line.

In order to do this, I grouped my time for 2017 into the following categories:

  • Self
  • Legacy
  • Design
  • People
  • Learn
  • Life
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Free
  • Lifestyle
  • Entrepreneur
  • Reset

After a year's worth of recording data and a total of 4,500 data points, this is how I spent the year...

Time Percentage Chart 9.png

The chart above visualizes every single action, outcome, project and goal I worked on for 2017, grouped by category. Every single one!

Sure it's an impressive chart, but even more impressive are the insights that have come from from the data. For example, a big focus for 2017 was entrepreneurship and the green bars show the percentage of time spent on this daily. Building the algorithm was also a focus and the purple bars show when and just how much time was spent on its creation.

When you combine the entrepreneurship and algorithm time together, you get the chart below...

Time Percetage Chart 10.png

Here is where things get interesting...

The year went by really quickly. It felt like my life was all work and I was putting in 100 hour work weeks. Fortunately I was wrong and the data proved it. 2017 was actually pretty well balanced even though my feelings said different.

I had time for myself (blue bars), got the opportunity to spend quality time with others (red bars) and even had a significant amount of fun (yellow bars).

Data helped me realize that what we feel and how we see things is not always how things are.


This is just the beginning, I have gigantic spreadsheet with 17 tabs of data that hold insights that need to be discovered. But before I took the time to look for more breakthroughs, I wanted to thank you again for being part of this project and helping me get to this point in my life, I am super grateful.

I will keep you updated on future insights.